Table of Contents

msguntypot(1) update PO files when a typo is fixed in POT file
po4a-build(1) build translated documentation
po4a-gettextize(1) convert an original file (and its translation) to a PO file
po4a-normalize(1) normalize a documentation file by parsing it in po4a, and writing it back
po4a-translate(1) convert a PO file back to documentation format
po4a-updatepo(1) update the translation (in PO format) of documentation
po4a(1) update both the PO files and translated documents in one shot
po4aman-display-po(1) display a translated man page according to a PO
po4apod-display-po(1) man display of a translated POD file according to a PO
Locale::Po4a::AsciiDoc(3pm) convert AsciiDoc documents from/to PO files
Locale::Po4a::BibTeX(3pm) convert BibTeX documents from/to PO files
Locale::Po4a::Chooser(3pm) manage po4a modules
Locale::Po4a::Common(3pm) common parts of the po4a scripts and utils
Locale::Po4a::Debconf(3pm) convert debconf templates from/to PO files
Locale::Po4a::Dia(3pm) convert uncompressed Dia diagrams from/to PO files
Locale::Po4a::Docbook(3pm) convert DocBook XML documents from/to PO files
Locale::Po4a::Guide(3pm) convert Guide XML documents from/to PO files
Locale::Po4a::Halibut(3pm) convert Halibut documents and derivates from/to PO files
Locale::Po4a::Html(3pm) convert HTML documents from/to PO files
Locale::Po4a::Ini(3pm) convert INI files from/to PO files
Locale::Po4a::KernelHelp(3pm) convert kernel configuration help from/to PO files
Locale::Po4a::LaTeX(3pm) convert LaTeX documents and derivates from/to PO files
Locale::Po4a::Man(3pm) convert manual pages from/to PO files
Locale::Po4a::NewsDebian(3pm) convert NEWS.Debian documents from/to PO files
Locale::Po4a::Po(3pm) PO file manipulation module
Locale::Po4a::Pod(3pm) convert POD data from/to PO files
Locale::Po4a::RubyDoc(3pm) Convert Ruby Document data from/to PO files
Locale::Po4a::Sgml(3pm) convert SGML documents from/to PO files
Locale::Po4a::TeX(3pm) convert TeX documents and derivates from/to PO files
Locale::Po4a::Texinfo(3pm) convert Texinfo documents and derivates from/to PO files
Locale::Po4a::Text(3pm) convert text documents from/to PO files
Locale::Po4a::TransTractor(3pm) generic trans(lator ex)tractor.
Locale::Po4a::Wml(3pm) convert WML (web markup language) documents from/to PO files
Locale::Po4a::Xhtml(3pm) convert XHTML documents from/to PO files
Locale::Po4a::Xml(3pm) convert XML documents and derivates from/to PO files
po4a-build.conf(5) configuration file for building translated content
po4a-runtime(7) po4a and runtime gettext translation without Autotools
po4a(7) framework to translate documentation and other materials
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