The po4a (PO for anything) project goal is to ease translations (and more interestingly, the maintenance of translations) using gettext tools on areas where they were not expected like documentation.

2013-08-21 - po4a 0.45 released

This release fixes incompatibilities with Perl 5.18. Asciidoc has been promoted to its own format.

2012-10-20 - po4a 0.44 released

This release fixes packaging issues with 0.43, some unit tests were failing.

2012-10-17 - po4a 0.43 released

This release extends the po4a-gettextize --porefs command-line flag to other tools, in particular po4a. This flag also offers more options. Support for AsciiDoc has been improved: two line titles are now supported, as well as several other styles. In the man format, several macros have been added to support more NetBSD man pages. The .UR/.UE macros are now inline.

2012-05-16 - po4a 0.42 released

This release adds support for control files, and allows msguntypot to preserve the comments in PO files.

2010-12-01 - po4a 0.41 released

This release modifies how titles are handled in AsciiDoc, the trailing newline is removed from PO strings. Other changes are: backups for PO files are no more generated; carriage returns are filtered away from input files.

2010-11-30 - po4a 0.40.2 released

This is a translation release. Documentation has been reviewed, and many translations updated.

2010-08-25 - po4a 0.40.1 released

This is mostly a translation release. Documentation has been reviewed, and many translations updated. The header entry when creating POT files has also been modified in order to be consistent with xgettext.

2010-07-27 - po4a 0.40 released

This is a bugfix release. Most notable fixes are: Text: fix failures "Unknown option: copyright-holder"; Man: support font modifiers in the form \f(XX and \f[FONT-NAME].

2010-02-02 - po4a 0.39 released

This release provides a new syntax for addenda, files can be preceded by optional modifiers to allow more customization.

2010-01-14 - po4a 0.38 released

This is a bugfix release. Most notable fixes are: add an option to specify language in translated XML; let po4a exit with non-zero exit code if master file does not exist; fix handling of multi-lines placeholder tags. By default, po4a now calls msgmerge with the --previous option so that previous strings are displayed above fuzzy strings in PO files.

2009-11-20 - po4a 0.37.0 released

This release provides po4a-build, which allows building all translations (code, documentation, text files, etc) with a single file po4a-build.conf.

2009-11-08 - po4a 0.36.6 released

There has been three minor releases for bug fixes and small new features. The most notable new features are:

2009-07-22 - po4a 0.36.3 released

There has been three minor releases for bug fixes. These minor releases also improved the support for Markdown; added the po4apod-display-po script; added the options --msgid-bugs-address, --copyright-holder, --package-name, --package-version to po4a-gettextize; and added the option customtag to the Xml and derivative modules.

2009-03-15 - po4a 0.36 released

This release provides improvements for the Xml (and derivative), Man, and TeX modules. It also changes how the type of strings is provided in the PO file. This type will now be provided as an "extracted comment" instead of a "translator comment".

2009-02-10 - po4a 0.35 released

This release introduces features in the po4a tools (new [po_directory] command in po4a's configuration files, new --blank option for po4a-normalize, and improved conflict handling for po4a-gettextize), and support for the AsciiDoc format. The Docbook module has a better support of all v5.0, and earlier tags. Also the Xml and derivative modules run faster and have a more comprehensible set of options, and support placeholders by default to ease the translation and mark the location of sub-blocks.

2008-04-02 - po4a 0.33.3 released

0.33.1, 0.33.2, and 0.33.3 are minor releases with bug fixes in the Xml and Man modules. Some changes were done in the packaging to fix the installation path of translated manpages and MO files. Manpages are now installed in UTF-8 and the encoding of their title was fixed. 0.33.2 also adds a Japanese translation, a new Wml module, and the support for the fortunes format in the Text module.

2008-03-03 - po4a 0.33 released

Major changes in the handling of PO files (fix the handling of PO files with plural forms, and fix the handling of headers for msguntypot), and in the Texinfo or Xml and derivative modules (e.g. docbook).

2007-08-16 - New website

We've changed the aspect of our web site and we've added some contents to help new users to use po4a.

2007-08-15 - po4a 0.32 released

Project links

The po4a project is hosted on Alioth.

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